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Our History

The “Dance For You” studio was established in 2014 in Dubai, UAE. The main idea of this dance studio belongs to the management team and two of them represent Russian Federation: Artem and Arseniy. They decided to create a professional dance studio in Dubai, which will be unique and become the best in the region. Being professional dancers and winners of different international dance contests, Artem and Arseniy could perfectly understand what a genuine dance studio should be: professional dance instructors and friendly team, optimal teaching methods, top quality dance floor and equipment, appropriate attractive prices and advantageous options, how the studio supposed to operate and make relations with students, setting the right aims and achieving them together.

No doubts, Russian roots of two brothers Artem and Arseniy had a great positive impact on the school development. It’s a well-known fact that Russian dance school is considered to be one of the strongest in the world, since the USSR. This is true for all dance sections and directions, including ballet, waltz, salsa, samba, cha-cha-cha, rumba and many other Latin-American dances. Mixing the unique “secret” teaching techniques from Soviet Union and new Russian methods as well as experience in modern international dancing education, the “Dance For You” became remarkably efficient and fairly earned a right to enter into the TOP dance studios list of Dubai.

The core team members (Artem – the co-founder, Arseniy – the manager, and other stuff like administrators, dance instructors, teachers, and choreographers) are Russian or are from former USSR republics, so it’s obvious that you may often hear the Russian speech inside the studio: many lessons and classes are in Russian, lots of students prefer this language, too. It’s really quite popular, because there are lot of Russian-speaking communities in UAE, and that’s a good opportunity to learn dancing in your native language easily. Besides, it becomes more important for parents that bring their children to dance classes for kids, so that the children can be in comfortable friendly atmosphere with the taste of Motherland and listen to grammatically and verbally correct pure native speech. So the studio becomes something more, not just a “dancing school”.

“However, I don’t like to call the «Dance For You» as a Russian studio”, – says Artem. All the team members speak English fluently which is by the way the “official” language of the studio. The school is international by nature: the co-founder Fiona Van Buren is from Scotland, we have many clients that have their origins from Germany, France, China, the Great Britain and of course the UAE. “We are open for everybody and don’t have any special focus like ‘for Russians only’ ”, – says Arseniy. He even laughs that the website of the studio doesn’t have a Russian version. There’s no restrictions on sex, religion, age, etc. We kindly respect everybody and offer group (non-personal) and private classes, of course, taking into consideration some religious aspects, e.g. we have “women only” groups and lessons.

Our dream is to become an internationally recognized famous and prestigious dance school. We do our best to regularly enhance the level of our school by hiring new instructors, taking part in miscellaneous dancing contests and events, creating new courses and programs, establishing new partnership relations all over the world.

The dance should never stop. That’s the reason we organize and take part in dance events of all kinds: practice sessions, master classes, performances, shows, contests, festivals. We are not just teaching, we give something more and open the doors for our students preparing them for the enjoyable World of Dancing with respect to their life style and desires:

  • Professional events with certificates, competition diplomas, prizes, titles and cups.
  • Home parties.
  • Night clubs and discos.
  • Weddings and anniversaries.
  • Formal evenings, corporate events.
  • Dance music for any taste or style.

We are always glad to meet new people! Please, join us and we will carefully fulfill your dance wishes giving you the best solution possible!

Kindest regards,

The “Dance For You” team

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  • Barsha Heights (formerly TECOM), Grosvenor Business Tower
  • 23rd floor, Studio 2306
  • P.O. Box: 391484, Dubai, UAE

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