„We should consider everyday lost in which we don't dance.“

- Neitzsche -

Salsa Dance Lessons

  • Salsa dance example.

Freedom, independence, feelings and ideas are united into a groundbreaking motion, worldwide known as a SalsaMania. Cuban music triggered the creation of a dance, hot and spicy in its energy and movements as a like-named sauce, Salsa. It happened back then in Cuba, at the right place, at the right time, when people needed some trendsetting ideas for self expression. Surprisingly, they obtained the most enjoyable way, Dancing. That is when Salsa dance came along and permanently established as a dance of liberty.

Salsa is well known to be a Latin dance, usually enjoyed in the night clubs. The usual African peculiarities, Cuban cultural aspects, ballroom dancing elements and some acrobatics are naturally and smoothly combined into a unique, harmonious mix. As a well-liked sauce, Salsa truly reminds of an outstanding blend of various sides of human’s personality. Temper, character, passion, mood, Salsa comprises all, giving it a way to be lived through on a dance floor to fantastically driven sounds of music.

Salsa is a modern, social dance with a remarkably sophisticated dance pattern but totally adjustable to the admirers of all ages and physical training. It has no limits as long as every dancer wants to “echar salsita” a bit. The dance, where a man has a magical influence on a woman, represents a fantastic collaboration, an ability to lead and trust for being led. A tandem where partners should feel both, the music and each other deeply. Interchange between smooth and a bit sudden movements, amazing hand spots – these are the peculiarities of a sunny dance from Cuba.

Since dancing nowadays is the healthiest energizer and the most incredible pastime, Salsa represents a short model of life, lived through to the full within several minutes of terrific tunes. The dance per se is a wide field for imagination and creativity with no restrictions whatsoever. There is no an obligation or necessity to follow the same dance patterns all over again. Salsa is all about the improvisation, about taking the risks in creating a unique and unpredictable dance.

On the one hand it teaches to be easy-going about life circumstances. Only enthusiasm, laughs and music. On the other hand, going deeper, Salsa is a dance of flirtation, tropical drives and glint in the eyes that characterizes two most powerful energies in this world, a man and a woman. This dance is guided by an outburst of sentiments at that very spur of the moment. However, no feelings, no emotions, not even the dance steps can ever be repeated with the same accuracy. Hence, Salsa can never be performed, enjoyed or danced twice in the same “enjoyable” way. Like there are no two similar love stories!

Salsa surprisingly seems to be the only dance that can be danced either solo, in a pair or even in a group. The dance that originated around the 1970s nowadays has lots of varieties to different likings and abilities. Either it is a LA Salsa, Rueda de Casino or Salsa New York, the roots and the main idea remain pretty the same. The wide variety of feelings, emotions, and sentiments danced through the magical steps with the sensational energy having a “free” outlook on life!

If you are still not a part of a SalsaMania, Dance For You studio is waiting for you. Diversify the life with a new way of communication, widely recognized all over the world. Salsa allows to create the only one of its kind dance story with any Salsa dancer, at any place to smashing and captivating Salsa tunes!

Choose desired course level:

  • Beginner Salsa Course

    Beginner Salsa course is designed for:

    • Absolute beginners who have never danced before or who consider themselves to have 2 left feet.
    • For people who have taken Salsa classes in the past and who are not sure or have forgotten their fundamental steps.
    • For people who want to practice their basic steps.
    • For people going to vacation to Latin American countries and want to have basic knowledge of Latin dancing.

    You will learn:

    • Your basic dance step and variations including Cucaracha, Cumbia, and Cross Over steps.
    • Cross body lead and basic turns including, Spot turns, Traveling turns, Back Spot turn and Inside turns.
    • How to connect with your partner.
    • How to find and hear the salsa beat and dance to the beat.
    • How to Lead (men).
    • How to Follow (women).
  • Intermediate Salsa Course Level I

    Beginner Salsa course must be completed. Approval from instructors required to start the Intermediate Salsa Course Level I.

    You will learn:

    • New combinations every session.
    • Improving the posture and movements to be able to dance in partnership and in proper Salsa frame.
    • Reverse turn, Double turns and Free spinning.
    • Cross Body lead variations.
    • Basic, Intermediate patterns and combining those patterns.
    • More connection and leading & following exercises.
    • How to understand music, counts, syncopations and accents.
  • Intermediate Salsa Course Level II

    Ongoing Salsa classes with more challenging patterns, spicy moves & spins. This class is for those who are at the Intermediate/advance level. (Approval from instructors required). Salsa has many patterns, combinations, variations. We recommend taking 3 to 4 intermediate salsa courses before taking Salsa intermediate level II. If you missed the first class, it’s not too late to join us for the second class!.

  • Salsa training for experienced dancers & performers

    We offer dance training to experience dancers from other dance fields. Basic, patterns, leading & following techniques of Salsa dancing, connection to partner & to music, variations and patterns, dips, tricks. We can help with transition to LA Style Salsa from other Salsa styles such as New York Salsa (a.k.a. On 2), Colombian style Salsa, Cuban & Rueda de Casino, Latin Dances such as Cha-cha-cha, Rumba, Swing, Jive and other forms of Ballroom dancing. Our goal is to help you to enrich your style so you can apply it for shows, performances, auditions, movies, stage and more… Be prepared! We provide you with training, techniques and spice!

Common options for all courses:

  • All courses are available as group and/or private lessons.
  • You may choose male or female teacher, as you prefer.
  • Certificate of Achievement is available, read more.
  • We have dance lessons for kids, mixed lessons (children and parents) are available.
  • We can modify the courses to better suit your needs.

Available lesson formats:

  • Individual Dance Lessons

    Nervous about dancing in public? Private lessons take the edge off and allow you to really let loose and see what you’re made of!

    Private dance lessons are the quickest, most effective way to improve your dancing. We personalize each lesson based on your individual needs, desires, and goals, adjusting our teaching style to your ability, personality, and expectations. You’ll discover the difference some one-on-one attention can make in your dancing! This ensures the most thorough and rapid learning process, all while keeping it fun, easy, and comfortable.

    Benifits of private dance lessons:

    • Personalized attention and custom lesson guide
    • Scheduled at your convenience
    • Fastest way to learn and progress

    Private lessons are designed to focus on your own dancing needs. This is where you will be able to learn technic, especially how to use our feet, understand timing, and develop body awareness, the more challenging aspects of your learning and in the same time enjoy the relaxed and comfortable atmosphere of our studio, have fun, and enjoy the feeling of dancing.

  • Group Dance Lessons

    Focus on having fun and we’ll take care of the rest! Group classes learning is one of the most exciting ways to learn how to dance. Classes focus on lead and follow skills and how to put dance patterns together in a way that makes sense.

    Benifits of group dance lessons:

    • Helps growth in the social ability of your dance skills
    • Broad experience growth: dancing with multiple partners at all levels and get introduced to patterns at a fast pace
    • Meet students of all skill levels and practice dancing with them
    • Provides an environment for students to share their experiences, giving newer students advice on how to get the most out of their dance training experience.
    • Another blessing from learning with others in a group is developing relationships with those you can now practice what you learned with

    Group classes are designed to teach you the school figures and to develop your sense of balance. For the majority of the class the ladies are on one side of the room and gentlemen on the other. We learn the figures and solidify them with a considerable amount of repetition. Because the majority of the time we are dancing on our own, our balance, which is so important is being developed.

    We cater for all aims and goals, for great fun, for those who are looking for the health benefits of dancing, for those looking to be the center of the dance floor or to challenge themselves, or perhaps just to spend time with their partner (couples lessons) dancing is one of the best activities in the WORLD!

    We are waiting for you on our group dance lessons:

  • Practice Sessions

    “Practice Sessions” means that all students are welcome and encouraged to come.

    While the format of a practice session is much like a typical social ballroom dance, the purpose is different. You can come to just enjoy dancing. You do not need to have a particular move or routine that you are practicing. It is a great opportunity to dance on the biggest dance floor. The instructors will take care for a dancing environment of the session, including providing appropriate music carefully chosen for the correct tempo for each type of dance and for the characteristics that make each dance unique. Instructors hosting the practice session are often pleased to make suggestions when asked.

    Benifits of practice sessions:

    • Practice sessions offer an opportunity to practice steps or routines on Dance For You Studio spacious floating floor
    • Every week our ballroom is available for our students to use for practice sessions
    • The ballroom is equipped with a state of the art sound system and provides the perfect environment to focus on and enjoy improving your dancing
    • Excellent opportunity to practice what you’ve been learning on your private lessons as well as the Group Lessons

    Practice sessions are designed to prepare you for dancing in the real world. At these sessions many of the students attend. This creates the need to develop our traffic skills and maneuverability. You will have the opportunity to dance with a variety of partners. Everyone feels different and our job is to prepare you to dance with anyone. You will also practice to the music the entire practice session.

    Look forward to see you on our practice session:


    Visit our photo gallery to see more photos from weekly dance practice events.


We want everybody to learn and have fun in a friendly atmosphere.

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