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We offer premium quality activities for those who have passion for ballroom dancing. Our key benefits:

Variety of Dance Lessons

Variety of Dance Lessons

Our ballroom dance school offers a wide range of Ballroom and Latin program for adults and kids. We cover the most popular styles such as International Standard, Latin-American and Social dances: you can learn marvelous steps from Salsa to Hustle, from Tango to Waltz, and from Jive to Samba. Definitely you will find a dance which you will like and enjoy! If you still hesitate, we will guide you through in the world of dancing and help to make the best possible choice! Click below to see a full range of available offers.

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Best Dancing Educational Program

Best Dancing Educational Program

The way we teach is our “know-how”. Our educational program is effective and further on can be individually adjusted to achieve the highest possible progress in a short time, improve and develop your dancing skills and fulfill all your dancing needs as soon as possible. Apart from casual dance classes we offer wedding dance lessons, fitness dance classes, best trainings to prepare for dance competitions and championships! The dance classes Dubai can be private (individual for a single student), for a couple or a group.

Experienced Dance Teachers

Experienced Dance Teachers

All our dance teachers followed a path of professional dancer career in the past and are winners of many professional dance competitions and championships. They know all the secrets of successful performance on a dance floor and are willing to share their knowledge with you. All our dance teachers and instructors have teaching experience and background, and are experts of one or more dances. Some of them focus on dance lessons for adults, others are specialists in interacting with the kids. For private dance lessons Dubai you may choose a dance teacher you prefer according to a gender (male or female).

Flexible Lesson Schedule

Flexible Lesson Schedule

You won’t find any schedule for our dance lessons online, because we try to make all dance classes flexible and fit your time preferences. Especially if you prefer individual dance lessons. For group dance lessons we try to find a time which is suitable for all group members.

Professional Dance School

Professional Dance School

Being the best dance school in Dubai, we have only positive reviews and our students demonstrate top results at various dance championships. We believe a true dance school is characterized by the achievements of their students. And we are very proud of them! Our students are the winners of various national and international competitions.

All Ages and Levels of Dance Experience Classes

All Ages and Levels of Dance Experience Classes

Our dance school accepts newbies, amateurs and professional dancers to become our members. We offer step-by-step-approach which allows you to feel comfortable and learn progressively dance moves from the easiest to the more difficult ones. Besides, we offer a special training for semi-professional and advanced students who need to sharpen their dance skills for dance competitions or public performances.

Dance For You - Prices

Here at Dance For You studio , we have a unique interrelated method of teaching. You will get familiar with our 12 Dance Programs which designed to give our students a good start off to a dance floor in just couple of weeks. As we cater all aims and goals from the beginners till the professional dancers, we design the certain dance program as per the needs and enquiry from each particular student, to make sure that he will achieve his dancing dream in the shortest period of the time. We do have special customize and unique dance lessons for everyone. Join dancing classes Dubai!

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Team Members Overview

  • Milan Ivanisevic

    Studio Manager

    Dancing is available to every single one of us resulting in a true – life – passion if only you allow it to.

    "Dance itself seems to be a kind of a small world which lets people be open and express their feelings and emotions"

    Confide in dancing, rely on dancing and you’ll never get old, neither your soul nor your body.

    Milan Ivanisevic signature

  • Arseniy Bezrukov

    General Manager

    Arseniy started to dance at the age of 6 with International Dance Sport Federation in Russia. He reached finals and numerous titles, such as prize-winner and champion of Tatarstan Republic (Russia) in Latin-American and Standard dances.

    „Dance gives me an amazing physical workout while I let my emotions out and clear my head. Dancing is simply amazing. Dance is literally my heart and soul. It is all I know and will live with me forever. Why do I love dance? Because dance is me!“

    He has been dancing and trained by the most famous World Ballroom coaches who helped him to became in the in top 24 couples (from 400) on the most famous competition in Russia “Russian Open”.

    Arseniy Bezrukov Signature

  • Fiona Van Buren

    Joint owner of "Dance For You" studio

    I have always loved to dance. I started at aged 10 at boarding school in Scotland with Scottish Country Dancing, but once I moved to Dubai I started to look for new dancing challenge and was encouraged to try Ballroom dancing by a close friend.

    „As a result Dance For You was formed; a combination of Dreams, Dedication, Passion and an International level of Management and Teaching. I wish that everyone’s dreams are fulfilled with Dance For You.“

    With the joint effort between our top quality trainers and a dedicated student base, we will spread the word that dancing is a fun, healthy and exciting way to spend time, there are so many benefits to dancing.

    Fiona Van Buren Signature

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