„The dance is a poem of which each movement is a word.“

- Mata Hari -

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By teaching children the fundamentals of ballroom dancing at an early age, they develop a physical and mental dance “vocabulary” that will give them a competitive edge for their entire lives. Children learn incredibly fast, but they learn differently than adults. At Dance For You dance studio we carefully guide our child students from that very first lesson all the way to the realm of international competition. It’s not just about learning the steps. It’s about developing the confidence, attitude, and style that make a difference on the floor.

We will guide you through the world of competitive dancing… for the kids and for their parents too. Just like any other competitive sport, navigating the world of Dancesport can be confusing for someone new. Dance For You will help our parents understand how to get their children involved and how the competitive process works.


Top 5 Reasons Why Dance Lessons Are Important for Kids

If the title of this section got your attention, you have probably thought of taking your child to a ballroom dance studio. Some parents don’t know how to start or which dance school to choose, and probably have lots of other questions related to dance lessons for kids and the education process. In this article we will answer to all common questions and provide the lacking information or “effectiveness” of this sport activity.

Children prepare to dance

What is it like to be a child?

Let's remind the best time of your entire life: time of the favorite delicious dishes, cooked by mother; time of the crazy games with father; carefree and innocent time of your childhood, when nothing is impossible and all the miracles are real. Do you feel this sweet nostalgia for a child-like self? Do you want to somehow turn this pleasant feeling of freedom and curiosity back at least for a while? And you think it is impossible, right?

Music & Movement: Uniting Together

We’d like to start this off from the roots. Do you remember the first time you heard music? Of course you do! You have heard the beat, the melody, felt the rhythms, enjoyed a singing voice perhaps. It might have sounded strange at first, but it was so irresistible. Then, there was no explanation to your further actions. You started moving your body, wiggled your hands and legs, and I bet you were smiling too. The best part of this, all of it was natural.

From birth, everyone has the natural feel for the music. We can dance to, pretty much, anything. However, if our dance lacks the structure, then it will look repetitive, a bit primitive and probably chaotic. The goal is to achieve a harmony between the dance movements and the melody, making it elegant, accurate and beautiful. These three factors are key elements to make any dance successful. The core of ballroom dancing is based entirely on structure, which almost instantly gets applied to the music. With practice and some careful assistance from our dance instructors, your child will not only develop a stronger inner feel for music, but will be able to understand it better and apply dance moves to it. Not to mention, that it will be done with a partner.

May be it sounds quite complicated or even difficult. But what if we can prove you the opposite? What if we promise you that there's a simple way to turn back a child inside? What if we can show you this way? As you probably have already guessed - this way is a road of music and dance, that can be short or long, complex or easy, troublesome or enjoyable. And we know the way how to make it pleasant, surprising, astonishing and one of the most memorable moments for your child. Our dance school has special training courses for kids with educational tricks like gamification that make the dance lessons effective, easy and full of fun. Besides, our dance teachers have many years of experience working with kids, and they know how to find the correct approach to your child.

Kids ballroom dance lesson

Dance School is a Great Tool to Develop Your Body

You can spot a ballroom dancer from far. A bit of loftiness, flow of movement, and the most commonly noticeable factor – The Posture. “But, Ballet also has The Posture” you might object. True. But, there is an obvious flow in directional movement to a ballroom dancer, which may not be noticed in a ballet dancer. To give you an example: it is fascinating to watch a ballroom dancer go through a crowded place. Since floor craft is trained from an early age, you probably will not see them collide with anyone. Besides, ballroom dancing has a much higher contrast in movement. From slow and continuous to sharp and static. Try running for a minute and a half, make a sudden stop to catch a quick breath, then run faster for another minute and a half. Oh, and while you’re at it, keep your hands to the sides and don’t drop them down, and do it all to the music with a partner. Got the picture? Yes, the ballroom dancing can be a tough physical exercise that improves the stamina, feel of balance, etc. That’s the reason why “Dance Fitness” becomes very popular nowadays. Mixing dance moves with some exercises and music, it is considered to be very effective. Besides, it’s available for all ages, so you may also try it, explore our Dance Fitness Program.

Never trust people, who claim that they cannot dance, that they have no music in their blood and no rhythm inside. Every single person is born already having a rhythm inside - the rhythm of the heartbeat. And since the very first time your heart makes a beat - music will always follow you, maintain you and give you the new energy for every motion you make in your life. And you surely know: where the music is - there is a dance as well.

Music Heartbeat Pulse

Scientific facts. We mentioned the heartbeat with a particular reason. Scientists have been investigating the influence of the music on human body for a long time. It turned out, that there’s a deep link between the rhythm of the music and human’s heartbeat. Generating musical waves with special frequency and tempo that correspond to your heartbeat, it’s possible to arouse the desire to dance in your body. Professional DJs know such tricks and usually use them on concerts or at night clubs.

Ballroom Dancing: Art & Culture

Dancing is bodily expression to the music. Regardless, if a dancer does choreography or improvises - which, essentially, means the same thing, since improve is a choreography broken down and danced in a chaotic pattern. In case of ballroom dancing, expression to music happens with a partner. The culture behind every ballroom dance has been developed over the years, which means, your child will be exposed to some history. Of course, the cultural and historical details for each dance will vary depending on the amount of knowledge of the instructor, but generally, the idea of each dance will be clear. The beginning of the learning process will be strict and bold (“This is Cha Cha, it’s coming from Cuba, and this is how you do it…”), but further into the future, more emphasis will be put into the character of each dance, and the expression it could be danced with.

The dance… the final aim: to become as free, as confident and as careless as a child. Let's give a look on children. What we can learn from them? Braveness, openness and faith. And many other adorable things, which are getting forgiven when we grow up.

Scientific facts. Masaru Emoto, Japanese researcher, discovered that music has influence on the structure of water. Different music creates different unique patterns. Some of them look very elegant (generated by classic music like Mozart or Bach), others – awkward and even ugly (most of modern noisy music). The scientists have an assumption that music influences on development of all living creatures, because every life on Earth is based on water. For example, human body contains water from 80% (at birth) to 45% (at middle age). There is a practical evidence, however only in the area of farming and stock-breeding: many professional farmers and amateurs note that classical music increases the growth of plants and milking of cows. Besides, some research was made on the influence of music on brain activity. Still being theory, it shows that music can have a great positive impact on development of child. Below are the photos of frozen crystals of water under the microscope taken after playback of specific music.

Pastorale, Beethoven

Pastorale, Beethoven

Symphony No. 40,  Mozart

Symphony No. 40, Mozart

Yesterday, The Beatles

Yesterday, The Beatles

Air on a G String, Bach

Air on a G String, Bach

Farewell Song, Chopin

Farewell Song, Chopin

A Heavy Metal Song

A Heavy Metal Song

  • Pastorale, Beethoven
  • Symphony No. 40,  Mozart
  • Yesterday, The Beatles
  • Air on a G String, Bach
  • Farewell Song, Chopin
  • A Heavy Metal Song
  • Pastorale, Beethoven

  • Symphony No. 40, Mozart

  • Yesterday, The Beatles

  • Air on a G String, Bach

  • Farewell Song, Chopin

  • A Heavy Metal Song

  • Pastorale, Beethoven
  • Symphony No. 40,  Mozart
  • Yesterday, The Beatles
  • Air on a G String, Bach
  • Farewell Song, Chopin
  • A Heavy Metal Song

Dreams and Goals

Thinking back, almost every kid we have met in the dance industry wanted to become a champion. Some have stuck to their grand dreams and reached their goals. Some had smaller goals and did their best to achieve them. It is fascinating to observe the physical and emotional involvement of all – the kids, parents and coaches. And with hard work, to see the dream come true in reality, right in front of you, as a work of art… Always inspirational!

Children, being taught to walk, don't give up after the first fall and don't come up to the thought: "maybe it's just not my thing?". To learn you always have to try first, if you haven't tried - you have no right to make any decisions about your disability in anything. And children are not afraid of trying and failure. Children are sincere, honest and open-hearted. They don't hide their emotions and don't get embarrassed about their expressions - and this is adorable, touching and very cute! You still don't believe? Just click "play" - and enjoy an inspiring video-report from the dancing workshop, which was given in the King's school in Al Barsha couple days ago!

Dancing workshop for children.

Dance Lessons Teach Mutual Love & Respect

We live in a society where violence is not permissive. And, indeed, this is how it should be. But, unfortunately, it seems that mass media promotes more violence, while trying to prevent it. In the age of technology and easy-to-reach information, with the graphical content that accompanies it, we are aware of bad news much sooner, and our children are no exception. At early age common sense and rationality are at early stages of development, thus everything your child sees is taken “As Is”. That’s why ballroom dance also plays an important role. It’s not violent and harsh as martial arts. It’s completely different. It teaches kindness, respect to your dance partner, feel and understand the music, develops your child physically, mentally and emotionally.


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We want everybody to learn and have fun in a friendly atmosphere.

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