Bachata Dance Lessons

  • Bachata dance example.

Bachata is a romantic Latin-American social dance, originally coming from a warm sunny place such as the Dominican Republic.

Bachata always goes along the Salsa dance. Any self-respecting Salsero (a Salsa dancer) usually nicely performs Bachata as well. Once you’ve mastered even the easiest steps you will be already hitting the dance floor where everyone wants to be your partner.

Bachata is globally popular due to its easy movements and positively charged mood that people tend to have while dancing. Beside the dance there is also a musical style known as Bachata that’s why you can never confuse it with something else. Dancing Bachata provides you with the cheerful mood, fantastic workout and simply freedom! Since it’s a social dance Bachata implicitly allows you to adjust the dancing style directly to your personality and the one of your partner, basically you can dance with anyone at the party, improvising and expressing yourselves. Mastering basic elements of Bachata is already enough to feel comfortable on the dance floor of any Latin-American party. The technique doesn’t limit you in steps, nor in the partner choice. It doesn’t matter what age you are at, the only thing that matters is the practice, which is dancing itself. Well, give it a month or two and you will find yourself rocking the dance floor with the famous Bachata steps!

Surprisingly the steps from Cha-cha and Bachata dances are closely interconnected, that’s why if you are already a Cha-Cha dancer it will be quite easy for you to grab and idea and learn Bachata movements.

Fascinating tunes and smooth melodies of Bachata favour the romantic atmosphere the whole dance is shrouded of. It is danced either pretty close to a partner or at some distance. Smooth hip movements, wavy motion of the body, dreamy tunes – that is what highlights Bachata out of the wide range of dances, attracting more and more people all over the globe. Like everything in this world Bachata also tends to evolve and meet up-to-date social requirements, keeping the dancers all over the world constantly engaged and involved. As the result Bachata Sensual happens to be another level of dancing which already includes head movements and syncopated steps. Once you’ve tried it, even from a distance, even just seeing it or listening to it, you will be attracted to Bachata forever. It will surely take the dearest place in your heart. And like all the dancers tend to think: “Once a dancer, always a dancer”.

Common options for all courses:

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  • We have dance lessons for kids, mixed lessons (children and parents) are available.
  • We can modify the courses to better suit your needs.

If you already feel like dancing, Dance For You studio in Dubai is there for you to open the outstanding world of Bachata and the rest of incredible dances! You are most welcome to take fantastic journey through our various dance levels.


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