Seasonal Kids Dancing Camp

An academic school year for kids seems to last almost a year, full of knowledge never known before, exciting experience but …sometimes a bit tiring, isn’t it? That’s why a sunny summer break is always long awaited and expected to bring in an endless rest together with outstanding adventures. Luckily, the short breaks, between the school terms, such as the one in autumn or in spring, can also be remembered by something new or the already known and surely favourite activity … DANCING for example. Why not give dancing a try to become your favourite adventure this time?!

Your kid is tired of studies…? Let them have a DANCING break!

Such an incredible creation as dancing fortunately has no limits, neither in age, nor in abilities. The only preference is to start as early as possible and childhood is the best time of all. The good news is Dance For You team is there for you because we are about to launch the one and only SEASONAL KIDS DANCING CAMP any time soon! Dancing diversifies one’s daily routine and sets an absolutely new energizing direction of life. Regular classes within the two-week duration will definitely leave a positive impact on your child’s development, both physical and mental. Under a professional supervision kids will train their “musical ear”, will develop their concentration and ability to spot and remember more details. Confidence, social skills and improvisation, to name but a few…

Kids group dance lesson
Kids group dance lesson 2
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Kids Dance Lessons 01
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This promising project of ours is to last five days per week except for the weekend and consist of three age directions. All kids will feel pretty comfortable and confident among the same age group. There they will have their own special dancing curriculum and certain schedule when they will immerse into unforgettable dancing experience with professional and talented dance instructors. Dance For You team is well known by delivering proficiently Ballroom and Latin-American dance classes. Every now and then our dancing community gets worldwide recognition by setting pretty high standards. However, since it’s kids, the ones who are only to get to know this unbelievable world of exquisite dresses and sparkling shoes, they will have a bit different but at the same time closely interrelated with dancing, activities.

Morning physical trainings, General physical preparedness, Stretching, Sport Relay races, Aerobics, even some Yoga moments will definitely strengthen children’s physical development. Besides, all of these things will pave the way for easy mastering the elegant Ballroom dance movements and vibrant Latin-American dance steps, as well as striking Social dance combinations. Perseverance, Drama and Leadership skills are also highly important in a harmoniously developed individual, that’s where these specially organized classes come along.

Dance Workshop for Kids.
Cha-cha-cha & Jive - mixed dance.
English Waltz.
Kids Group Dance.

All in all, these two weeks will leave an unforgettable mark in your kid’s heart and body. Merely two or three hours per day will lead to an unbelievable final KIDS’ performance where our little dancers will show what they’ve learned and surely how much they’ve enjoyed this new fantastic activity! Everything is serious when it comes to studies. That’s why our dearest youngsters will get certified at the official graduation from our seasonal kids dancing camp. Obtaining various skills, strengthening the health, making new friends, getting a lifetime habit, and totally a desire to come back…what’s there else to wish for?

May, 2019 is a starting point of a bran-new dancing KIDS project which is to be held on a regular basis within Dance For You studio premises. Every school break our talented instructors will be inspiring and sharing their professional skills with the youngest dance amateurs. Join the energizing dance camp and be among the first ones to enjoy life through dancing! For more details please contact our dancing studio directly. We’ll be happy to provide you with the answers to your enquires!


We want everybody to learn and have fun in a friendly atmosphere.

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