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Christmas and New Year Trends, Ballroom Dancing & More

When Christmas and New Year are within sight, many people are googling the Internet for fancy costumes, decorations, presents, related music and unique ideas for celebrating, organizing or attending a party. Below is what you are looking for! We prepared something fresh and new, including photos and videos. Christmas and New Year are great opportunities for dance parties, you fill find examples of best thematic dances.

Christmas (or Xmas) and New Year are probably considered nowadays to be international holidays like Halloween. Even though, they have religious roots, today this kind of affiliation becomes less clear, and more and more people are get involved into attending Christmas and (or) New Year parties. Their popularity has no surprise, because both holidays assume wonderful decorations, pleasant traditions of making presents for close friends and relatives, and can bring lots of fun! Previously we discussed how to prepare for Halloween, and now it’s time to do the same for the winter holidays. As a ballroom dance school, we always love dancing and try to do it whenever and wherever possible. So, keeping it in mind, we will also give some special focus on dancing during the Christmas and New Year.

Christmas and New Year Masquerade

Masquerade or a masked ball is probably one of the most appealing and colorful tradition of ballroom dancing. Wearing a fancy dress is a strong transformation of appearance which attracts many participants and visitors of any show, for example, Halloween or even hot Brazilian Carnivals. At our dance studio we also like masquerades and enjoy organizing parties with dress code, such as the annual Halloween party that we do in Dubai.

Christmas and New Year also offer great opportunities for masquerades. Clothing stores and online shops offer various costumes for adult men and women, teenagers and kids. Most famous costumes are related to the main figures or characters of the holidays: Santa Claus and Snow Maiden. It’s the American-style names, usually every nation traditionally calls them differently, but their outfit is the same. Santa Claus is a white-haired old man with long curly beard who uses a sledge with rein-deer as a transport. While Snow Maiden is a winter lady made of snow, in some nations she is considered to be a granddaughter of Santa or Miss Claus. Both of them wear a kind of warm winter-style costumes. The most popular combination of colors for their dress is red and white, that makes the costume look very contrast and impressive. Besides, blue (azure) and white combinations are also popular. Sometimes green color is used.

Apart from Santa and Snow Maiden, there are other costumes that are related with symbols of Christmas or with winter characters from fairy tales or movies. For example, there are costumes of a snowman, snowflake, Christmas Tree, Snow Queen, elf and others.

The dress style can be very different from long high-necked dresses to more revealing miniskirts or short shorts. It depends on your taste, what suits you better and what you prefer to wear. Besides, it’s important to keep in mind what you plan to do in this dress. For example, in northern countries where winter is cold there are special versions of costumes that can be worn outside, but of course it would be too hot in them to wear inside. If you plan to dance in the costumes, then make sure they fit you properly and don’t immobilize your dance moves. The dress design should offer good ventilation or heat dissipation, so that you will feel comfortable even during energetic dances.

If you prefer to wear professional dance dress, then it can be modified to add some Christmas style, for example using snowflakes as decorative elements or wear a Christmas hat as accessory.

Below are some examples of male and female fancy dresses.

Adult Sweet Santa Costume
Deluxe Classic Mrs Claus Costume
Ice Queen Women Christmas Sexy Costume
Mrs St Nick Costume
Santas Helper Costume
Santas Naughty Girl Woman Costume
Sexy Santa Babe Costume
Sexy Santa Claus Costume
Womens Christmas Tree Dress
Womens Fever Reindeer Costume
Womens Santa Sweetie Costume
Womens Sexy Elf Costume
Adult Santas Elf Costume
Christmas Vacation Adult Light Up Santa
Jolly Ole St Nick Santa Costume
Mens Christmas Santa Suit
Mens Santaboss Suit
Plus Size Holiday Elf Costume
Regal Santa Suit
Kids Little Santa Costume Large
Little Santas Helper Costume Girls Fancy Dress
Reindeer Kids Costume
Baby Reindeer Costume
Baby Santa Costume
Child Elf Costume
Christmas Tree Kids Costume
Infant Silly Snowman Costume
Rein Deer Kid Costume
Santas Lil Elf Costume

New Trends in Christmas and New Year

Costumes for Pets

There are several trends in this area. First of all, it’s the costumes for pets. Now your pets can share the atmosphere of the holiday with you and become true participants of the masquerade. The dress is made for cats and dogs, rarely it’s possible to find models suitable for smaller animals such as hamster. Below are some photos how your pet can look like.


Christmas Beard

Decorating men’s beard is a new winter trend. There are various designs, mainly they consist of special small baubles that can transform the beard into the New Year tree. Some designers even offer compact light bulbs to add extra shining and even more extraordinary look. Below are some examples of what you can do with your beard.


Pokemon Decorations

The Pokemon Go mobile game developed by Nintendo and released in summer 2016, became world-wide popular and has lots of fans. This mobile app affected the way many service companies do business, for example, restaurants and coffee houses. These companies began using virtual POIs and valuable items of the game to attract more customers. The Pokemon-style accessories are available for bags, clothes and now for Christmas, too. Now it’s possible to buy various glittering baubles and decorations for the New Year tree.


Christmas and New Year Dances

What party can be without dances? It’s disgrace if you don’t dance at Christmas or New Year. There are so many beautiful songs for these holidays that will definitely satisfy tastes of the stubbornest and fussiest music lovers.

As we mentioned before, there are several top dance TV shows that air regularly and organize themed shows during holidays, such as Halloween. Below we prepared videos of the best Christmas and New Year ballroom dancing performances. The most exciting and amazing were recorded at Dancing With The Stars (DWTS) show. It’s a world-wide franchising with local versions in many countries. The original series are filmed in the USA. The videos below show ballroom and Latin dances, such as Waltz, Tango, Samba, and others performed by the couples, participants of the show. Each couple is a Pro/Am tandem, that consists of professional dancer and amateur dancer. This format is extremely popular and is used in many international dance competitions, including those where our dance school and students take part in.

Christmas Opening Dance, 2016
"My Grown Up Christmas List/Winter Wonderland", 2016
Professional Dancers team perform to "Carol Of The Bells" by Atwater Men’s Club, 2016
Laurie Hernandez and Val Chmerkovskiy dance Foxtrot and Tango with lazer lights and fog, 2016
Christmas Opening Dance, 2015
Tom Chambers & Oti Mabuse Charleston dance to "Santa Claus Is Comin' To Town", Strictly Come Dancing show 2015
Harry Judd & Joanne Clifton dance American Smooth to "Baby It's Cold Outside", Strictly Come Dancing show 2015
Cassidy Little & Natalie Lowe Jive dance to "Cool Yule", Strictly Come Dancing show 2015

Happy Holidays!

We wish you to enjoy the winter holidays! Click here to read our greetings with information about discounts, special offers, etc. We are always glad to meet new people in our dance studio in Dubai! Besides, a gift certificate for dance lessons is a very nice present to your partner or loved one. Contact us and we will provide you with full information.

Happy holidays and have fun!

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